And Yoruba Will Return Buhari/Jubril

There are things people do or clamour for, and I will start asking if they are well at all.

How can some people still believe and hope Nigeria will be restructured. Even some people are even hoping that Nigeria will one day be better. Some yet are believing and hoping that a day will come when the Yoruba and Igbo will work together for a common goal.

Could it be that people don't read at all? Even if Nigeria government kicked out history from school curriculum, did they also place a ban on historical books?

In 1966, some soldiers with majority of their leaders Igbo carried out a revolution. The intent of that revolution was to halt the invasion of Yoruba land and middle belt by the caliphate controlled Federal government. And to make Awolowo, a Yoruba man prime minister. The revolution was termed Igbo coup. The Yoruba joined hands in killing off Ndi Igbo and other Biafrans both in the North and Lagos. They came down to Nsukka and started a genocide against Biafrans. It was same Awolowo that brought the starvation policy that killed more than 2million children in Biafra land. Same Awolowo confiscated monies belonging to Biafrans and only offered a paltry 20 pounds to those that can get their papers. 

During the Abiola saga, the Yoruba people started killing Biafrans and looting their shops. It wasn't the Igbo or other Biafrans that killed Abiola, but they came after Ndi Igbo. Leaving out HausaFulani that killed their brother. That's when majority of Ndi Igbo supported and voted for Abiola.

During the time of Goodluck Jonathan, the Yoruba people embraced HausaFulani, kissed them and their intercourse gave birth to the reign of tyrant, in the person of Mohammadu Buhari. They betrayed a fellow southerner like they always do.

Did you still remember the handshake across the Niger? They came over here singing restructuring and the unthinking Ohaneze and some politically correct youths gave in. Today, non of them are talking about restructuring. I still remember when Atiku emerged as the presidential candidate of PDP. Many unthinking Ndi Igbo started asking Atiku to pick a running mate from Yoruba land. These political commentators started saying that Ndi Igbo is already in the bag. They were ready to sacrifice their own ambition for the Yoruba. They said Igbo doesn't need to be President. That they needed a level playing ground.

From afar I watched them. I pitied their ignorance and naivety.

Atiku later picked Peter Obi and all hell let loose. Millions of Yoruba people supporting Atiku returned back to Buhari. It wasn't about Nigeria, it was about what the Yoruba can get. That's the game. That's the politics they play. They are ready to keep Buhari in power. That will at least guarantee them another VP position for four years and as well help them become President come 2023. This is their plan, their game and their mind.

Do I blame them?

No, I don't. I only blame those thinking Yoruba will work with them to enthrone an Atiku with an Igbo as VP. That alone relegates Yoruba to the bottom.

I know you all hate the truth, but I must always say it, because I am Eziokwu Bụ Ndi. I say the truth any time and at any day.

The truth is that it wasn't the HausaFulani alone that is against restructuring Nigeria. Yoruba people too hate restructuring. Forget the ranting of few of them. They hate the fact that a restructured Nigeria will stop the monopoly Lagos holds on Nigeria economy. A restructured Nigeria will make the Lagos sea port a playing ground for kids. Many people will leave Lagos and Lagos though might not die, will never remain the same. So restructuring won't come. The North and the West will make sure of that.

The path to a better Nigeria is a road to a restructured Nigeria. But it's quite unfortunate that it won't come. Is that not why I keep saying that Nigeria is destined to crash. It can't be better and it's fast heading to the end-road of destruction.

As it stands now, I don't think APC needs much rigging to win 2019 election come next month. Majority of the Yoruba will vote for APC. The North is already in the bag. South East and South South? Those ones that couldn't save Jonathan with their votes won't add anything. 

South East and South South should know that they are completely subjugated in Nigeria. Remaining in a country that can't change for good is an act of foolishness. Stop validating fraud and your own slavery with your votes. Boycott this election. Your PVC is useless and your vote can never count. 

I am the Truth, Truth is life!


And Yoruba Will Return Buhari/Jubril

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