CJN Walter Onnoghen, Not As Guilty As Charged

The revelation by federal govt's own prosecution witness that CJN Walter Onnoghen's Assets Declaration form HAS NOT even been verified by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) directly under the Presidency (office of the SGF precisely) to establish if any infraction has been committed before the same CCB rushed to drag Onnoghen to its Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has further proven that President Muhammadu Buhari and all his supporters are the singularly most lethal threat facing Nigeria and Nigerians. 

What we just witnessed here is like a prosecution team charging a man with murder after tarnishing his image in the media only to go to court and tell the presiding Judge: 'My Lord, sorry ooo, doctors have not confirmed that the murder victim is dead'. 

You have not verified the man's Assets declaration form to establish whether he declared correctly or incorrectly but you were too quick to rush to media to portray the man as having billions in foreign accounts plus 55 houses. Meanwhile, according to your own witness, Onnoghen has only 5 houses, not 55 and no Foreign account but dormiciliary account operated here in Nigeria and as at January this year when you were accusing him of owing billions in multiple accounts, he had only $56,000, a sum an average Onitsha main market trader will stuff in his jean pocket while doing "baby, olee way" in some night club.

Tufiakwa!!!!!!!!! for Buhari and all his supporters. Shame on Osinbajo, the so called SAN and Pastor. I'm not even going to waste another shame on the quota system clown garbed as the Attorney General of the federation because in a system that is merit based, Abubakar Malami would not pass law exam not to talk of being a SAN. As for Keyamo and Isa Sagay, those ones are beyond redemption. 

It is now beyond every reasonable doubt that these ethno-religious irredentists simply went rogue and tarnished the hard earned reputation of Onnoghen in their desperate bid to ensure the election petition tribunal was inaugurated  by their partner-in-roguery; Tanko Mohammed the Sharia fundamentalist currently usurping the position of the CJN. 

If we were a serious people, the hard question should be, what is the rationale behind setting up the CCT with full powers of a regular court and putting it under the direct control of the Executive arm of govt?? The only reason Buhari could use the CCB and CCT to execute this legal tragedy on us all is because the tribunal and its very arrogant chairman, Danladi Umar are directly under the executive arm he chairs. 

I'm glad the Defence team is making a 'no case' submission. 

The judiciary, through the National Judiciary Council (NJC) now has a rare opportunity of saving the entire country by re-instating Onnoghen and sending that Nollywood Ezemmuo -Tanko to oku mmuo where he belongs.  

If the Nigerian Bar Association hasn't proven to be as useless as a flaccid penis, they would quickly mete out disciplinary action against Attorney General Malami and co for subjecting the legal profession to bottomless ridicule.

Charles Ogbu


Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen

CJN Walter Onnoghen, Not As Guilty As Charged

Crime pays...in Nigeria. That's the reality 

We are told "crime doesn't pay". That's an illusion. 

Those that told us that wrote a Constitution with numerous loopholes. Then got themselves into government. 


And their minions as ministers, commissioners, public officers, military and police hierarchy and others. 

These guys make budgets where they dedicate 80% of our common funds to pay themselves. Then dedicate just 20% for development. 80%  of that 20% dedicated for development disappears. 

Public officers earning 300k per month are worth 10 billion Naira. No one could prosecute them because they wrote the Constitution by which they run; the People did NOT write the Constitution so we cannot curtail them. They made their own laws and incorporated clauses that make those laws impossible to justiciate. 

...so they plunder the Treasury with a vengeance. Then turn round to tell us that crime doesn't pay? 

Dear Friends, Crime is the largest industry in Nigeria! Crime pays big time! It is constitutional! Don't be deceived into complacence; Crime in Nigeria is the way forward!!! It is enshrined in the Constitution using numerous codes! 

We must #restructureOrBurst. Or continue to deceive ourselves with "anti-coruption" and "bad leadership" nonsense! Nigeria is a criminal organization! Nigeria is a Crime Scene! Crime pays here big time! 


Baron Roy



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