History: Biafra Opening The Eyes of Black Race

History: Biafra Opening The Eyes Of Black Race

Her Majesty The Queen

I have followed closely the recent Biafra agitations and the comments for and against as well as the belief that Biafra only came in 1967 or that Biafra is only Igbo or landlocked.

I want to tell all of us that Biafra problem is not Hausa/Fulani, it is not Igbo, Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio or Yoruba -the Biafra problem is the British trying to enslave Black people and using the Hausa/Fulani to achieve that.

As surprised as many of you might be, let us put common sense to task here.

1. When the British first arrived in Africa, they met Biafrans and they were addressed as such and slaves that shipped from that area were categorized as coming from the bight of Biafra. Biafra then covered all of what they call today SE/SS but not Benin.

However, the British had difficulties colonizing Biafrans as they all resisted the British Lording it over them from Igbo to Ijaw and from Urhobo to Itshekiri -they all rejected colonialism. You can imagine how humiliated the British felt that black monkeys and slaves rejected their superiority.

Eventually Biafra was conquered and subsequently made a British protectorate on 30th June 1849. The British succeeded in conquering Benin and made it a British protectorate on February 1st 1852.Biafra and Benin protectorates were amalgamated on 6th August 1861, same day that Lagos and its neighbourhood were annexed by the British. 

However, the British may have decided to punish both the Biafrans and the Benins for rejecting their superiority.

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Seeing the Hausa/Fulani as willing tools to be used as house slaves against the field slaves. This is why you notice Biafra throws up a lot of bad bile from the north more than anywhere else.

You may think it has something to do with oil because Adekunle Black Scorpion said, “I have learned a word from the British, which is “sorry”! That’s how I want to respond to your question. I want to win this war for the sake of Nigeria crude oil. Therefore I have to kill the enemies to win this war. Sorry!” – 

If you think it’s just about crude oil, remember that the North planned to secede with their Araba before the British incited them from secession to war and here is your reference from Michael Gould “The Biafran War” p.43 stated: “Cumming –Bruce was able to persuade the Emirs that secession would be an economic disaster”. As the British high commissioner Sir Cumming Bruce himself testified p.43 “it wasn’t on the face of it easy to get them (the North) to change, but I managed to do it overnight. I drafted letters to the British Prime Minister, to send to Gowon as Nigerian Head of State, and for my Secretary of State (Michael Stewart) to send letters to each of the Emirs. I wrote an accompanying letter to each of them because I knew them personally. I drafted all these and they all came back to me duly authorized to push at once. The whole thing was done overnight and it did the trick of stopping them (the North) dividing Nigeria up.”(Nwobu, 2013) http://www.irishdemocrat.co.uk/features/biafra/

To understand British treachery –from the effort they put to talk the north out of secession, does it look like the British had nothing to gain? If you think they really liked the north -is the north not worse today than it was then? Can anyone name one good thing the British has ever done for the north?

Please don’t get me wrong because you might turn to say – they help them become President and do coup and launder money in Britain, but remember Fredrick Lugard described black Africans like this: “He loves the display of power, but fails to realize its responsibility.” Don’t you think they are deceiving the Hausa/Fulani with power based on Lugard’s description above?

2. The Biafran War: As clear as it is that the British incited the Hausa/Fulani for that war, for the doubting Thomases we can look at the role of the BBC then and now. Read this 1968 article and the scanned Newspaper pages there 

The BBC avoided mentioning Biafra but preferred calling it a secessionist state. It is the same position they have today. IF YOU THINK IT WAS SECESSION OR CORRECT -how come the people that wanted to secede are now ready to die to stay? How come the British that knew the History of Biafra suddenly feign ignorance and pretend that Biafra never existed before they came? http://goo.gl/aQbYGf

Assuming you still don’t see the British serpent as a fraudster yet, let’s look at another issue.

3. BBC Hausa Service – One thing the British says every time is “The North is poor”. This is a deceitful mantra that they used to get the trust of the North and continue to destroy black people with it. When BBC Hausa is targeted at them -Is it not to brainwash them? Does the BBC do any advert in BBC Hausa service? Does the BBC Hausa service generate anything called revenue that you know? If not what do you think they do with it? You may debate that it is because Hausa language is spoken outside Nigeria; is Yoruba not spoken outside Nigeria too? Even by population – are Yoruba not more? What does the British intend to gain from the Broadcasts?

4. BIAFRA AND THE “FEAR” IT GENERATES: You may have noticed that based on perception Biafra generates a kind of aura that no other issue in Nigeria generates -why? Please don’t say it’s because of the war because even those who did not fight the war or experience the war feel the same way. It is also not the crude oil or the SE/SS crap engineered by them-it is purely the ability of the British to “control and incite black people and sway our perception” If you doubt this “think back two year ago if anyone would have voted for Buhari? Yes some will but how did he suddenly become a British darling? From someone removed from power by the British to a British darling” how did they change our perception? If you doubt this -how come no other name elicits the type of aura that Biafra carries? Lower Niger Congress has the same goal to create a state from the SE/SS separate from Nigeria, how come no one even shakes when they are talked about? A northerner that sells Sugar Cane can fight you for saying Biafra even when he has never seen crude oil before and never tasted oil money –how come?

5. BIAFRA and Component Units – One other very critical aspect of the British treachery is the idea that Biafra is only Ibos and sometimes only South East. You will notice this thing in their reporting too especially BBC. The reason is likely because they struggled to defeat the Biafrans as they all rejected colonialism and are afraid of such unity. If you think it was really oil, then how come they stopped buying oil under Jonathan? I think it is about black subjugation and slavery. Assuming we agree that it is only Igbos, we remember that the last President of Biafra was not Igbo, so why do they want to stick with the lie? TO UNDERSTAND HOW THEY SEE BIAFRA – REMEMBER OBASANJO’S TWEET AT THE ELECTION WHERE HE SAID THE SE/SS? That’s exactly how they view the region but they pretend.

6. LANDLOCK IDEOLOGY -The British imposed an Air, Land and Sea Blockade of Biafra during the war –what was British interest? You will notice Biafra was only recognized by black countries that appreciated Black emancipation, the western played hide and seek why? The people in Port Harcourt had their houses stolen in what they said was “removing all traces of Igbo from Port Harcourt”, why was that? Assuming you still don’t understand how bad the British are, you will notice a similar resentment to Biafra as the Rivers people had towards Igbos –why? But the Kogi side did not have that as well as the Ibibio side. Port Harcourt was formerly known as Igwe Ocha before the British renamed it. This was where they exported palm oil, limestone, groundnuts, coal from after slavery ended. Why is it that they peddle the lies knowing there was nothing like Niger Delta or SS when they were resisted by the Biafrans and Benins?

7. ELECTIONS AND JONATHANS TREATMENT – Many of you believe the crap of corruption. Some may have seen a video of Cameron telling the type of lies Oshiomhole and their group tell that they noticed that oil companies were underpaying Nigeria to the tune of 850 Million or something like that. Have you wondered what the prime minister would be doing with Nigerian accounts statements? Have you wondered why they did not mention the names of the companies? Don’t get me wrong but note that the British feel blacks are brainless and if you have ever lived in UK you can attest to that. They treated Jonathan like a Biafran because contrary to our arguments as Nigerians, they have documentations, they have maps and they know where the Biafra they fought with was. Their treaties were signed by things like chiefs of Itshekiri and Biafra so even if you said you are not a Biafran -that’s your local profile.

In any election, they provide the Hausa/Fulani a security report of who and who has sentiments for liberty and such a person can never win an election. Ideally they handpick candidates. Okowa won in Delta state tribunal because he is considered a lesser evil than Ogboru if you remember the Orkar coup. An average Hausa/Fulani believes whatever they say however they say it, that was why when Buhari came in with Idiagbon then and tried Umaru Dikko, something happened to him. To say “I am loyal”. Unfortunately, for Jonathan, they do not trust anyone from that axes. You may say, we voted him in 2010/2011 – they sway perception, make the candidate popular and then produce a result. Those results you see are fake.

8. REAL BIAFRA and BIAFRA IN THE News – The British see the entire area as Biafra but apply the divide and rule in the news. After the war – Lagos port was congested which they put Adekunle to oversee, why did they not consider Warri, Port Harcourt or Akwa Ibom? The same ideology of “they are Biafrans and they fought the British those days”. They may not say it. When Jonathan won, corpers were killed in the North, why did the same Northerners not kill anyone when Obasanjo won? Is Obasanjo a Northerner? What I cannot say is how the British is able to do it but just note that it is done by them. Overtime they have been able to brainwash Northerners with BBC Hausa and watch all their arguments are the same -meanwhile someone is telling you Igbo is landlocked and yet in his “unlandlocked”, Nigeria Igbos cannot use ports outside Lagos so what use is the landlocking they are talking about?


Many Igbos argue out of ignorance on the marginalization thing and are as blind as the so called Niger Delta. One thing the Niger Delta thinks is the oil but never ask if they are enjoying the oil. The Rivers axes gets companies built for oil exploration but few Niger Deltans work there. However, for those that remember circa 1976, oil was discovered in what was then Imo State, they quickly organized a boundary adjustment and ceded the oil patch to River state. This was 6 years after Igbos were given 20 pounds, but before you blame the Hausa/Fulani -have you wondered who is behind it?

In 1979 if you remember Northern students staged a violent protest accusing the federal government of conspiring against them and attempting to maintain the education gap across the regions. This saw the introduction of quota in admission to universities -Quota 40%, States quota 30% Catchment and discretion 10% HAVE YOU WONDERED WHERE THESE NORTHERNERS GET THEIR STATISTICS FROM? Someone incites them and it is likely the British using their leaders.

Other ways Igbos are marginalized include

1. Using the residual, concurrent and exclusive lists to control development. Example when a road is put in the Exclusive list, even when erosion is cutting it, there is nothing anyone can do because it is Federal road. The governor can shout, people curse him but remember he was handpicked because he is not expected to talk too much.

2. There is no federal infrastructure in the entire South East.

3. The SE and many parts of the SS are being strangled to encourage migration that will eventually expel all of them from that area. It’s a continuous process because the British has been at war with Biafra since they arrived the bight of Biafra.

4. No serious business is allowed to thrive in the SE/SS and if you remember Obasanjo nearly killed Ibeto, you remember Savannah bank and the likes of Slok and Sosoliso? These are scripts played by the British but executed by Nigerians. Why will someone who wants his country to develop agree to close a company with 500 people employed in it because he hates the MD?

5. The SE as a region is the only region that does not benefit anything at all from the federal government. I know you will quickly jump to the fraudulent allocation. Just note that the money the federal government makes from that region outside the oil is more than it gets back. Example: No LGA in the entire South East can cope with only one secondary school. However, Imo state is an oil producing state but Borno gets more money than Imo state. Borno has a Local Government that has only one Secondary school like Chibok and it belongs to the Federal Government. Now in WAEC Parents from Imo state will pay for almost 30000 students to register for WAEC –Borno will pay for 3000 students – how far now?

(ii) The SE/SS has more immigrants outside than any other region, they pay more for passports to the Federal Government what do they gain? They pay more for Nigerian Visas what do they gain?

(III)The SE/SS migrate more than any other region, all the embassies are in Lagos and Abuja, many Biafrans have died to go get their visa from Lagos or Abuja -Again what do they gain from Nigeria?

(iv) The South East never had an international airport since the war and has suffered more to travel than any region, many have died in the Process and without Nigeria and the fraud of travelling from Lagos or Abuja they will still be alive today.

(v) The SE imports more than any region but the revenue accrues to Lagos and they have to now pay to bring their goods back to the SE whereas there is a PH, Akwa Ibom and Warri that could have been used- What have they gained from Nigeria?

(vi) A SS/SE will struggle sell land, sell car borrow and travel abroad and ships a container, the same federal government that is useless to them is waiting to collect duty for another state. What have they gained.

(vii) They struggle, travel and remit money and they have to still pay charges to the same Nigeria that has not done anything for them – What have they gained?

6. Igbos have a higher population than the Nigerian state allocates them. Every system that is based on honesty will allow you at least know your number and plan but census is in the exclusive list i.e. only Federal Government can do it–why?

I can go on and on but you will still see that Many SE/SS blindly do not notice that they are being strangled.

7. NIGERIA -MEDIOCRITY AND LIES – The Hausa/Fulani has a different system from the Biafrans. They believe that saying something should make it be example: If Buhari says you are corrupt then you are corrupt. They work more with perception than facts. They believe that if you have 3 children and say you have 20 then you have 20. Example: Recently after deceiving everyone that Buhari was coming to fight corruption. They needed to appoint Amaechi even after Buhari had said he won’t appoint those with corruption dents. All they needed to do was issue a statement that Amaechi is now a saint and that’s it. They do not believe in facts and figures per se but perception. – 

This system is alien to the SE/SS but if you notice the same Hausa/Fulani mounted a campaign for death penalty for looters. You will now wonder why a poor region will not ask for the money to be returned but instead would want people killed. Then you think it’s a joke, they cook up documents and say you are corrupt and that’s it – you are killed. You might think they are joking but that’s what they want.

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8. LACK OF HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY – You may have noticed that everything about Nigeria is a lie. You already know how the British contributed to the census lies, engineered the denial of Biafra as being in existence before they came 

The British engineered and sponsored the perception based allegation of corruption against GEJ. If you doubt can they do such in their place without asking for evidence?

There is nothing in Nigeria that you can say is an honest process and that is why they are grinding to a halt. You may have noticed also that with the coming of Buhari election rigging has returned. Yiu may think oh no, I am APC today, no nation can make progress with such a system and unfortunately the Hausa/Fulani are exactly what Lugard said here “He lacks the power of organization, and is conspicuously deficient in the management and control alike of men or business” IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK; THEY ARE ALL BRAINWASHED BY THE BRITISH AND THE BBC AND ALL THEY SEE IS OIL. If they were taking the oil and using it to be like Dubai will anyone complain? Here is how Lugard described the scenario “In brief, the virtues and defects of this race-type are those of attractive children, whose confidence when it is won is given ungrudgingly as to an older and wiser superior and without envy”

SO IF THE BRITISH WAKES UP TOMORROW AND SAY TO THEM REMOVE PHYSICS FROM YOUR SCHOOLS BECAUSE IT WILL HELP IGBOS TO DEVELOP FASTER THAN YOU-They just do that. Has anyone seen one good thing the British did for the North before? They were mandated to get the oil producing states and install a stooge and that’s what you see in Rivers and Akwa Ibom states. Upon the fallen price of oil, don’t be surprise oil will stop selling but the Hausa/Fulani will still be ready to kill people for it. ATIKU SAID THEY WILL DO THAT IN MAY 

In summary -The Biafra question is a British making and nothing more. If you doubt ask yourself – Why do I hate anyone for supporting Biafra? I mean there is nothing wrong with secession, it’s happening in Britain so why is the Biafra question different? If you think oil is the issue as you thought, how come no one wants to talk about it? At least only oil revenue will be shared, the rest the states can manage? Some people say instead of secession why don’t we do re-organization but ask yourself which agitation have we not seen since the war, which one did they agree to change? Why can’t Nigeria start with limited autonomy? Scotland in UK has a different pounds and parliament and FA but still wants to secede -why?

The long and short of the British fraud is that blacks are still slaves and they divided us into two-the house slaves and field slaves. The 1967 Biafra restoration was like a recaptured slave and how can a black monkey undo what the British did? They could not believe it. YOU PROBABLY HEAR GOWON AND OTHERS SAYING OJUKWU SHOULD HAVE SURRENDERED EARLY, IF BUHARI IS DOING WHAT HE IS DOING TODAY BECAUSE HE WAS DECLARED WINNER IN AN ELECTION, DO YOU NOW SEE WHY THEY STOLE PEOPLES HOUSES AND MONEY? The land Buhari owns in Port Harcourt that he said he does not know where it is, is probably one of the houses they stole but they will blame it on Ijaws or Ikwerres.


Before you criticise Biafra please take time and ask “Is Biafra different from Scotland and the UK? When they say loss of property and so on remind them there are Igbos in Ghana and Cameroon and in London and New York – they have not lost their property and we are not one country with them. The House slaves normally sabotage every effort of the field slaves to be free – you have to choose which one you are but don’t think we are free -the British uses the Hausa/Fulani to enslave everyone. – 

Source: Elombah.com





The Ungrateful Nature of Nigerians - Other Tribes In Nigeria to be Precise

By Emeka Nwabiafra Chukwu
10th December 2018

Yesterday, I had a chat with a British political pundit, Mr. Jones, a 30 years old man from Birmingham. During the course of our colloquy, I had to ask him questions concerning Britain and her role in Nigeria politics.

It went this way..

ME= Mr. Jones, why is Britain belligerent to BIAFRA and being complicit to our plights?

In response, the was his words.

Jones= Emeka my good friend, without mincing words,I think from the information I got that it was a Biafran person, an Igbo man that carried out the revolution which saw Britain off Nigeria.

The British leaders up to this day are not happy with you guys, reasons that the British colonists were controlling every mineral resources in Nigeria free before Nnamdi Azikiwe instigated that revolution. This one major reason they are belligerent to u guys and are ready to go to any point to stop ur guys from being independent.

Emeka don't forget also that  60% of Britain's income comes from Nigeria's oil and gas.

So Emeka that's where the hatred started. Though I am a British, I'll tell u one thing, I am totally against the indirect rule going on in Nigeria which BIAFRA and Igbo people are the victims. You niggas deserves freedom.

I blamed the other tribes in Nigeria, they are too blind. They are not cognitive to the fact that the independent of BIAFRA would bring civilization and transformations in the whole of Africa.

You guys should be strong and continue your agitation, I wish you people well. God shall grant you Biafrans your request which is freedom..

   Pulse a little bit

   Take a deep breath

I guess you are retrospecting on these words from Jones?

At these point, let me quickly recaps some of the histories of Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Nnamdi Azikiwe was born in Zungere in the northern part of Nigeria in the near 1904, precisely November 16th.He attended his primary and secondary school in Onitsha, Calabar and Lagos respectively.

By 1925, he went to the United States of America where he attended storer college, Howard and Lincoln universities where he studied political science and bagged several doctorate degrees. He later in 1934  taught political science as a lecturer in same Lincoln university.

By 1937 he came back to Ghana were he got job as an editor in the  African morning post, a daily news paper in Accra Ghana. He was also a pan africanist. He began to use his office to spread the message concerning the need for Nigeria independent.

In 1942-1945 he joined NCNC party where he later became the leader of the political party. By 1945, his news papers had flooded the south West and other parts in Nigeria in the massive orientation of the masses concerning Nigeria independent..

Later in 1960 Nigeria officially got her independent from Britain. And this independent is as a result of Nnamdi Azikiwe's efforts, struggle and resources. He was the major player in the struggle for NIGERIA independent.

Questions that I keep asking myself are these:

Why are other tribes in Nigeria still against igbo people?

Why are we seen as second class citizens in the same country somebody from our region single handedly fought for her independent?

Why are we the victims of the system?

When the northerners goes on killing spree, it's always the head of ndi igbo that usually go down. Why?

The same east that her son fought for Nigeria independent lost 5m innocent souls during the genocide called civil war. Why?

Why are the other tribes ungrateful to Ndi Igbo for our efforts to the liberation of NIGERIA from Britain?

I still need an answers to these questions..

In Nigeria today, almost all the good things and names Nigeria has internationally are as a result of the efforts of ndi igbo..

In sports, you have the likes of JJ okocha, Kanu Nwankwo and so many others.

In education, the likes of late Chinua Achebe, Chile Obi, Chimamanda and so many others have brought good name to this country internationally via their God's given knowledge.

In business, Igbos are the bedrocks of Nigeria. Go to Lagos and Kano etc. You will see how igbos are developing these areas not minding that it's not their region.

But in all these efforts of ndi igbo in this fraudulent country called Nigeria, the other tribes have always wants us to live in backwardness and sorrow as a result of hatred.

In the same Nigeria an Igbo man fought for, we have:

No international airport since over 58 years now

No workable sea port

No dry port

No security headquarters

All our federal roads are death traps

Lopsided appointment

We have five states instead of six states like other regions

No inclusion of an Igbo man in the Nigeria security council

We still buy petrol #250/ltr where as the oil is in our backyards.

In the house representative,igbo have just 43 members out of the 360 members. No motion raised by an igbo man can ever pass first reading.

Igbo youths are being killed on a broad day light for protesting against marginalization

In the Senate,igbo have just 15 senators out of the 109. 

Igbo man totally does not have a say in Nigeria political system today.

The leaders we have here are all political vassals. They are answerable to the Sokoto caliphate. Even when their ppl are being killed by Nigeria soldiers,they can't condemn it reasons being that the north is in support of it.

These were actually the fate of ndi igbo today in Nigeria

All these marginalizations are the Thank you message we got from the other tribes in Nigeria for fighting for the independent of Nigeria or for ensuring that Britain didn’t use Nigeria like the olden South Africa.

British colonists used the north to gain political and economic control of the other tribes in Nigeria and it worked pretty well because of the lack of education in the north. The northerners are happy for killing same people that fought for the independent of Nigeria as a result of British conspiracies.

That is the paradox of a black man. We are ready to kill fellow Black to please the white

In conclusion to this article, my message to the other tribes in Nigeria are these; 

We are not going to take it anymore

We have chosen to opt out from Nigeria because the system itself had brought us humiliation, sorrow, deaths and impovrishments and we can't continue to live this way.

We can't continue to use our blood to appease Nigeria


FOR over 58 years now, we have being subjected to







And we have decided to answer a name other than Nigeria and that name is our old name - BIAFRA, the name we used to be known before British came to ransack everything.




-------------------Editor’s Note------------------

Now, can you see how some British people reason? Most of them reason like fools, especially those you think might know better than others. Do you still think that the British are intelligent enough to concur the whole world again? But how did they concur the whole world in the first place reasoning this way? I think the world was blind then or they trusted Britain so much that whatever they tell them to do, they do it without thinking, and not knowing that what the British asked them to do is to their disadvantage. Lucky enough there will be no more British Empire as countries realising British tricks, as counties disassociating themselves with Britain. Thus, Britain is now going down the hill.

For the reason that Igbo man fought for Nigeria independence or prevented the British from taking over some parts or the whole of the country, this makes every Igbo man the target, he or she must pay for something someone did before he or she was born. For Igbo man taking part in a coup, every Igbo person is a target and must pay for it.

All Germans are not held accountable for Hitler’s actions or were they?.


Biafrans Let Me Educate You A Little On How The British Government And The Evil Queens Elizabeth Cabals Family Connected The Chains Of Slavery In The Zoo Animal Contraption Called Nigeria!!

The Chaining Goes This Way!! 

For The Biafrans Ever going to war to be free from almighty British slavery' 

  1. THE BIAFRANS' Are Made  The Number One Recognised Slaves That Nigeria Has Today, They are Slaves To Virtually Every Other Tribes in Nigeria The  Hausa Fulani's and the Yoruba's 
  2. THE YORUBA'S, are slaves to the Hausa Fulani's,
  3. THE HUASA'S, are slaves to the Fulani's,
  4. THE FULANI'S are Slaves to the British Government and the Queen Royal Family Cabals.
  5. WHILE NIGERIA itself as a Fraud and a Forged Country is an Investment and a Company to the British.. 

Nothing More is Important to Them then for Nigeria to remain as one, the Human beings in it can all Perished for all They Cares if they ever tries to shutdown their investment, As Long as Their Investment Called  (Nigeria Oil Company) Remain Intact No Problem!!!





Adubabari Mankie-tanen

By Adubabari Mankie-tanen

I have realised that BRITAIN that built the Political CAGE called NIGERIA and continue to CONTROL it through her FULANI Proxy for Economic Benefit,is in the systematic Habit of using its Proxy on ground to ELIMINATE any person or group that is seen as a THREAT to its Economic Interest, which is FREE FLOW OF OIL and GAS without Hindrance.

This was this Agenda that Wiped out KEN SARO-WIWA and other OGONI HEROES. The Queen of England was presiding at the Commonwealth Ministers' Conference when ABACHA ORDERED the HANGING of the OGONIS.

BRITAIN has continued to play the Divide and CONQUER Card till date over OGONI, where CANCER Causing water is still the Drinking water.

I know the Important Role Members of the Nigerian Bar Association played in the BRUTAL HANGING of the OGONIS.

Today, the MOSOP REVOLUTION has been BETRAYED and now CRUSHED from what it was created.

Last year,precisely on the 14th day of September, 2017,the CONSPIRACY covered in Legal Clothe came to its peak, when the DESPOTIC DICTATORSHIP abandoned the JUDICIAL Process and MOVED to ELIMINATE the Leader of IPOB,MAZI NNAMDI KANU. The SOLE PURPOSE of the Action through Operation Python Dance was to Ultimately TERMINATE the Legitimate IPOB CAUSE just like it did to the OGONI REVOLUTION.

I am HAPPY today that the LEADER of IPOB Survived the CLEAR AND CLINICAL ASSASSINATION MOVE against him. BRITAIN kept its Dirty SILENCE despite the fact that the IPOB Leader is its full Citizen,all because the IPOB Leader EXPOSED its Dirty Secrets.

My SHOCK is the QUESTIONABLE CRIMINAL SILENCE of the LEADERSHIP of my Professional Organization, the NBA in the matter.

I have personally WARNED of the CONSEQUENCES of our QUESTIONABLE SILENCE but I am rather Misunderstood.

TIME will EXPOSE whatever COVER UP ROLE the Creator of the Political CONTRAPTION called NIGERIA, BRITAIN is playing behind the Scene!