How President Buhari Paid $3m for ‘fake’ Martin Luther King Jr’s Leadership Award

How President Buhari paid $3m for ‘fake’ Martin Luther King Jr’s leadership award

In what many Nigerians have critized as an undeserving First Black History Month National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership award conferred on Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari by Martin Luther King Jr’s family, LeadersNG through a presidency source has learned that the award was handsomely paid for.

According to our presidency source, the award was facilitated by Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the Senior Special Assistant to the president on Foreign Relations & Diaspora through a Ghanaian self acclaimed foreign diplomat, Erieka Bennett.

A quick fact-check on Erieka Bennet revealed that She runs a Non Governmental Organization called, Diaspora African Forum based in Accra, Ghana.

Erieka Bennett calls herself ‘Ambssador At Large’ as she uses her influence to facilitate foreign awards for unsuspecting African leaders.

Erieka Bennett was a former aide to Ghanaian president, John Mahama.

LeadersNG investigations revelaed that Dr. Erieka Bennett was contracted by Abike Dabiri-Erewa to help use her NGO to bring Martin Luther King jr’s family to Nigeria to give President Muhammadu Buhari award.

Dr. Erieka Bennett, LeadersNG learned, contacted someone in King’s family, a distant relative of Martin Luther King called Dr. Naomi Barbara after King Center declined earlier request by Bennett to influence an award for a certain African leader.

The award which was paid for by the Nigerian government as part of the ongoing PR stunt to launder president Buhari’s image was not on official portals that was opened strictly to promote the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther king’s assassination.

Our Presidency source said, Buhari only got to know about the award on the day of confirnment as he had no pre-knowledge of what Dabiri-Erewa was up to.

However, LeadersNG further learned that $3m was paid for the fake Martin Luther King Jr’s award that was conferred on Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari.

You would recall that a pro-democracy group, Concerned Nigerians had earlier condemned the award given to president Muhammadu Buhari.

The group in its statement berated the King’s family for awarding Nigerian president a leadership award as it negates the ideals and principles of what America’s foremost civil rights activist stood and died for.

The $3m according to our source, was provided by APC Board of Trustees member, Alhaji Nasir Dano.

The King Centre had through their official Twitter account denied awarding President Muhammadu Buhari.

The centre says “The award given to President Buhari of Nigeria was not given by The King Center, at the request of The King Center or by the children of #MLK and #CorettaScottKing.



Martin Luther King’s Family Under Fire For Giving Leadership Award To Buhari

Buhari and Fake Martin Luther King’s Family

Martin Luther King Jr’s family has been criticized by a pro-democracy group in Nigeria,  Concerned Nigerians, for giving leadership award to President Muhammau Buhari.

The group contended that Buhari does not deserve such an award. According to the group, America’s foremost Civil rights activist stood and died for justice, but the actions and inactions of Buhari since he was sworn in as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria negates the ideals and principles Marthin Luther King Jr upheld.

Theophilus Abu Agada, National Publicity Secretary of the group said, under the current administration, the leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife have been illegally detained for over 800 days against a valid court order that says they should be released unconditionally.

“Many today in Nigeria are in political servitude because they do not belong to President Buhari’s political party”, he said in a statement.

“Marthin Luther King Jr had a dream, a dream where his four little children Would live in a nation that they will not be Judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

“However, in our country Nigeria, the man that is being honored with Marthin Luther King jr’s legacy of equality and justice is known to be a despotic, tribalistic and nepotistic leader who has refused to adhere to the principles of federal character that allows equal opportunity for all.

“The president sees people from other region and ethnic nationalities as lesser beings that must not be given an opportunity to serve in some sensitive positions of government.

“He categorized citizens from Southern Nigeria as 5% people that must not enjoy what people from his 97% region who overwhelmingly voted for him should enjoy.

“Minority Christians in the North have suffered so many losses, with the president abetting and pampering the perpetrators of the genocide that is ongoing in the North-Central region and Southern part of Kaduna state.

“We condemn in its entirety, this prestigious award that was conferred on the president.

“He doesn’t deserve the award and as such, we are calling on the family of Marthin Luther King Jr not to compromise the legacy of Rev. Luther by giving award to people that are undeserving”.



Family of Martin Luther King deny giving Award to Buhari

National Embarrassment:  Children of Martin Luther King deny giving Award to Buhari

Children of Martin Luther King

THE King Center has denied that it gave an award to President Muhammadu Buhari which was much publicised on Tuesday, March 27. The centre also said that Late Martin Luther King’s children were also not involved in the award ceremony.

The denial came on the heels of an award by visitors purportedly from the family of late African American civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., gave to Buhari in Abuja.

In a tweet late Wednesday night,  the official Twitter handle of The King Center said: “The award given to President Buhari of Nigeria was not given by The King Center, at the request of The King Center or by the children of #MLK and #CorettaScottKing. @MrFixNigeria”

King Tweet

Those who gave the award are related to the late civil rights activists, but they are not his direct descendants. Kings' Family completely distanced themselves from the said award.

In a tweet from AsoVilla shortly after the award was given, The Presidency tweeted: “President @MBuhari today at the State House received Martin Luther King Jnr’s family. He was also conferred with the 1st Black History Month National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership Award 2018. #AsoVillaToday”

The Biafra Herald 




Buhari Receiving fake Martin Luther King Jrs leadership award

Goodluck Jonathan was the First African and Black Leader to be Awarded Martin Luther Kings
(MLK) Award

Jonathan Wins MLK Award

In 2016, Goodluck Jonathan was named the First African and Black Leader to be Awarded Martin Luther Kings (MLK) Award.

In 2018, President Bukhara in desperation after 3 years without a SINGLE verifiable Project to show, paid $3Million for a Fake MLK award.

The MLK foundation, called The Kings Centre disclaimed the award, added that they have nothing to do with Buhari's Fake award organised by Abike Dabiri and her Ghana friend.

They duped Buhari as they are aware that he is illiterate and will not ask questions. He is a man in desperation to match Jonathan insurmountable records, Buhari can do anything, other than hard work.

- Hope For Nigeria



Former President Goodluck Jonathan was awarded in the US on Thursday for his leadership in human rights in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria.

Jonathan Leadership Award

Jonathan, who was awarded in recognition of his leadership in “human rights, social justice and universal fight for freedom”, becomes the first African leader to be so honoured.

The presidential award was presented by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, founded by the late American human rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr, best known for his human rights struggles and the I-have-a-dream speech.

In statement on Friday, the former president expressed his pleasure in being so honoured and also meeting the sister of the famous human rights activist.

“I thank Dr. Charles Steele Jr, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and the executive of the SCLC for honoring me today,” he said.

“It was also a pleasure to meet Naomi King, the sister of the late American Civil Rights leader and founder of the SCLC, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who was kind enough to attend the event and identify with the goals and aspirations of the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation.

“By this award, I am further inspired to continue to work for the advancement of democracy, peace and progress in Nigeria and Africa.”

Jonathan is billed to be in the US for the 2016 Hope Global Forums conference, where he is expected to Succeed the 42nd president of the US, Bill Clinton as keynote speaker.

In the letter sent to Jonathan in December 2015, he was invited to join the biggest 500 companies in the world in their promotion of King’s human right ideals.

“We invite you to join Fortune 500 CEO’s, private investors, financial leaders and government officials to connect and collaborate on this vision,” the letter had read.

“With the theme ‘Reimagining the Global Economy: Inclusive Economics’, the annual meeting is set against the backdrop of the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend and gathers leaders from government, community and the private sector to outline a vision for the modern global economy.”

Jonathan was earlier in Florida to welcome his second grandchild, delivered by his adopted daughter, Inebharapu Paul.



The Image Laundering Scheme Of Buhari's Government Runs Into Murky Waters

Buhari Receiving fake Martin Luther King Jrs leadership award

By Emeka Gift
For Family Writers Press

It could be recalled that the Buhari-led government of Nigeria surreptitiously lured the leadership of the African Union (AU) in her last general meeting into deceptively decorating President Muhammadu Buhari with an award of Africa's Anti-Corruption Champion. This was one of many such awards corruptly sought for and bought to launder the battered image of Buhari's terroristic cum despotic government before the global community (International Criminal Court), most especially as his eventual invitation to answer to his crimes against humanity, stares him and his principal actors in the face.

Thousands of the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been killed and many others, extra-judicially abducted, incarcerated or maimed under his watch. The Aso Rock image launderers have been hustling in between groups, organisations, prominent men and women, in their desperate bids to bribe their ways through, by obtaining fake awards for the tyrant on the seat of power.

This time around, luck seems to have ran out on these shameless award lobbyists. There is this trending news coming out from Aso Villa that pointedly states that the Family of Martin Luther King Jr conferred to Buhari the 1st Black History Month National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership Award 2018 , of which the Presidency confirmed by tweeting:

“President @MBuhari today at the State House received Martin Luther King Jnr’s family. He was also conferred with the 1st Black History Month National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership Award 2018.”

But disgracefully, the Kings Center has come out strongly to debunk the said award and completely distanced Luther King’s Family from the fraudulent and disgraceful award.

What a callous display of desperation, lies and deception, to hoodwink the gullible! The awaited season has dawn for the crimes of Buhari and his accomplices to be punished. Integrity and honour are never merited through the instrumentality of bribery and corruption. Muhammadu Buhari does not deserve such respect. He has to be made to account for the blood of the innocent Biafran souls he has wasted through the activities of his terrorist brethren whom he has unrelentlessly been aiding. Fake awards will not save him from the awaiting hammer of IPOB at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press