Nigeria Delegates Refused  Entry in Poland Because of the Imposter Among Them


It was a huge embarrassments, as they received the shocking NEWS from the CIA. 

At this point in time there's nothing British can't do about it. 

The IMPOSTER (JUBRIN) will not steps his foot were other world leaders are gathering together. Even in Poland were they're currently wallowing around like lost sons and daughters, the Polish prime minister cannot welcome them or even SHAKE hands with them.

What a disgrace to over 180 million people in Nigeria.  


IPOB will DESTROY the zoo called Nigeria with the truth and it's already happening.


Nigeria delegates refused  entry in Poland

Nigeria Delegates Refused  Entry in Poland Because of the Imposter Among Them

Buhari or the Imposter Must Take DNA Test To Clear the Air

Bukola Saraki, the Senate President

"To clear doubts on Buhari/Jubril saga, he must run DNA test with his first son and publish the result in major newspapers. The test must not take place in the UK and he must invite an opposition figure to witness where the sample will be taken"

~ Senate President Bukola Saraki  ~



They can never change the narrative

Buhari: I'm not cloned

Nnamdi Kanu: I did not say that you were cloned. I said you are an impostor

Buhari: I'm the real Buhari

Nnamdi Kanu: No. You are Jubril Al-Sudani from Sudan

Buhari: I'm alive. I'm not dead

Nnamdi Kanu: You died in 2017 and you were buried in Saudi Arabia.

Buhari: After my sickness, I came back healthier and stronger and I will soon celebrate my 76th birthday

Nnamdi Kanu: But I told you that you are a young man of not more than 50 yrs age. You were hired to impersonate late Buhari and you don't know the real age of late Buhari

Buhari : I'm addressing you from Poland

Nnamdi Kanu : Why the choice of Poland? But I told you to come out and address Nigerians in an open debate. Allow the press men to come near you and take the picture of ur ear and place it side by side with the picture of the ear of late Buhari in 2015

Buhari: I'm speaking English to you. If I'm not the real Buhari, l will not speak good English

Nnamdi Kanu: speak ''fulfulde'' the indigenous language of Fulani and remove your CAP

Buhari: Nnamdi Kanu you are a wicked man. You want to divide our kwontry by all means.

Nnamdi Kanu: You better do because I'm coming up with your DNA test result and by then you will know that I'm Nnamdi Kanu the leader of INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA(IPOB) and whatever I say always come to pass. The ZOO must fall.



On Jibril from Sudan, I'm not alleging anything but Here’s a timeline of Buhari’s health travels:

February 5, 2016

Buhari embarked on a six-day medical vacation to London.

June 6, 2016

Buhari takes to the skies for a 10-day medical vacation.

Presidency says Buhari has to travel to deal with a “persistent ear infection”.

January 19, 2017

Buhari is off to London again on a medical vacation.

February 5, 2017

Buhari writes the national assembly, asks lawmakers to extend his London medical leave.

March 10, 2017

Buhari returns to Nigeria but doesn’t resume work immediately. Presidency says “he’s working from home”.

May 7, 2017

Buhari embarks on trip to London for another medical vacation. He returned to Nigeria after 104 days.

Yes 104 DAYS. That was how long Buhari spent in London with no information whatsoever as to what was wrong with him, what he was treated of and how much was spent treating him. 

Then on August 19, 2017, Buhari returned to Nigeria and it took him a while to resume work because rats have reportedly damaged furnitures in his office after which the Presidency announced that he’ll be working from home. 

I'm still not alleging anything but one cannot help but observe that the Buhari that emerged from the 104 days of total information blackout has suddenly become so strong that since August of 2017, an 80 years man that was traveling for medical tourism every two months has not gone for even check up in the past one year, 3 months. 

It's either he met Jesus who healed him in London or he's a Jibril from Sudan. 





Official meeting scheduled for Buhari in Germany is now being represented by the vice-president YEMI OSIBANJO. 

JUBRIN/BUHARI can no longer attends any international meetings to avoid being arrested by the CIA. 

Leaving the northern part of the ZOO called Nigeria is also risky to him and his collaborators.

We're using this medium! To announce today, Osibanjo is now the unofficial president of the ZOO/ Nigeria.

No more waving hands from the JUBRIN of Sudan, no more putting on suites, no more removing his cap in the public. And more especially! No more associating with first lady Ashia Buhari. 

God bless the only TRUE man of Africa and all his efforts to liberate not just the Biafrans but the entire Africans from the slavery mentality that has been there for too long now, MAZI NNAMDI KANU may your days be long, Nwachineke and the SAVIOUR of our time. 

All hail Biafra.



It Don Happen

A secret intelligence in the presidency under M-Branch has revealed that the international community has suspended the Sudanese impostor from identifying with other world leaders unless Abuja provide substantial evidence proving that the man parading himself as President Muhammadu Buhari is real Muhammadu Buhari.

 According to the Intel, the Aso Rock cabals turned down the request for the President to submit himself to DNA forensic examination from the foreign medical personnel. The Intel also said that it was the reason why the impostor has not being attending any world event including the Climate change Summit in Poland. He actually went to Poland but did attend the Summit because of fear of arrest and onward DNA. 

The question now is when will Nigerians say enough is enough with the deception of Fulani cabals controlling Nigerian government over the impostor from Sudan?



From IPOB Deputy Leader Mazi Alphonsus Uchemofor

Buhari Importer Address Nigerians in Poland

As you can see, running away to a faraway place to Poland and in front of the highly orchestrated, stage-managed, gullible audience to answer a very simple question: ''who are you?'' cannot exonerate you or clear you up, rather, the desperate, fraudulent, poorly packaged, last minute efforts of your handlers to sell 'a real you' has compounded the situation. Now, more international searchlight has been beamed on you and the cabals around you. Come back to the zoo and address your fellow zoo citizens if you are truly their president, address the press in the zoo and let people look you directly in the face and ask you pertinent questions and more importantly, participate in the presidential debate of the already rigged election if you are real, let your zoo citizens, the world see you and ask you questions about whom you are, what have been your political agenda, what are your economic and policies, whether you really a human being while thousands are being slaughtered and cannibalism taken a new height and yet no response and willingness stop the Islamic fundamentalist, salafist  jihad-ism and apartheid campaign of horror and terror....





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