Ogbu’s Advice to Young People

Written by Charles Ogbu
18th May 2019

If you are a young person with even the tiniest opportunity of moving abroad, please, don't hesitate in grabbing that opportunity. Granted, life abroad is not easy. You have to endure humiliation, racism etc. You might even collapse under the weight of crazy bill over there. But trust me, it's worth it. At least, you will have genuine hope of actualizing your dream. You will enjoy the fruits of the bill and tax you are paying to the fullest. And you will have the opportunity of raising your kids in a working system.

As for Nigeria, she is a hopeless case. The country is beyond redemption. She is neither stagnant nor moving forward in a snail speed. Rather, she is moving backwards with the speed of light. 

Obodo etipiago. Final ntipia. Gwogwo. 

The Country don cast. No be today sef. 

Anyone who looks you in the eye and tell you that Nigeria is getting better is simply lying to you. You should look the person in the face and call him a liar because in truth, that's what he is. 

This country is a destiny killer. A broken society presided over by broken men and women. 

A child that must grow into an adult capable of running or walking must show signs of crawling first. If one were to be honest, one would admit that this our child here has not shown any sign of drawing breath even. 

Let me repeat myself: if you are a young person with any hope of leaving this country, please leave and don't look back. The signs are not encouraging at all. Here in Nigeria, there is neither future nor hope for the youths. Unless you are privileged to be related to politicians.

Most of the things you spend endless night praying for are things you should ordinarily have if we had a working system. Almost all the problems you are going through for which your religious head blame village witches and wizards are caused by dysfunctional system, not any village witch. 

This country is hopeless. Everything happening now -insecurity, unemployment, inflation, electricity problem, comatose economy -will only get worse. And no, I am not a doomsday writer. I'm simply a realist admitting the unfortunate realities before him.

And remember, we are yet to enter #TheNextLevel. Na #Balance for our last #Change we still dey collect. 

We lost every hope of salvaging this country the day we went and resurrected Muhammadu Buhari and robed him with the apparel of a President to preside over a 21st century Nigeria in 2015. 

To our eternal shame!

Written by Charles Ogbu


Ogbu’s Advice to Young People

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