One Nigeria: The Marriage is Over, a New Revolution Has Come!

By Okoafor Odinaka
The Biafra Times 
22nd March 2019

Let me begin with the fact that will not cause confusion or division, but to motivate us to conquer the world, not to create fears due to the evil powers that has been in existence. Fear has been an instrument of destruction for some of our people since the time of history and ever since we have been going round and about seeking solution from the Almighty.

But before I go into this very discourse, I want us to examine the many countries of fanatic jihadists that has deployed their arsenals against the people of Biafra. I want to state the fact that some people simply doesn't understand how things are being set up; they are just wondering about, pretending as if all is well until they are lowered down to their graves. They seem not to understand where things have gone wrong.

Now, we ought to be ready in order to rise and tackle our common challenges for the future is at hand, and it begins with what we have in our hands today. Fighting for a sustainable development to regulate the system of our future generations through the actualization of Biafra.

When the Portuguese and Spain were in our land, so many Biafrans were kidnapped, there was an exportation of our people and other resources to unknown destination. So many did not make it as they died of starvation, hunger, malnutrition, and inhumane treatment by the slave traders while some died as a result of suffering from different illnesses.

Back to Africa where the whole thing began, Britain were buying slaves from the Portuguese. When the Portuguese left Biafra to South Africa, Britain fully stepped in, and the game plan changed as it were. More than 20 thousand Biafran slaves were taken to America every year. The total Biafran slaves that were taken to America, Britain, Spain and other European countries are more than a million, and over 800,000 of them are from the Igbo-speaking region.

The level of increase in the violation of human rights was indescribable, Biafrans cried to the churches to help in stopping the slave trade era, but the slave merchants paid deaf ears to the human rights observers in the church. Britain introduced and foisted new rules on our people which is why they abandoned their local culture and religion. They destroyed our unity, provided guns to our people to fight against themselves. Kingdom rose against Kingdom and brother against brother.

We are the descendants of Abraham, we are the Israelites, that is why we are peculiar to other people only if we realize who we are; and don't let the hardship to blindfold your intellectual ability or your sense of reasoning.

We contributed in the revolution of science and technology; the most intelligent people of Africa are Biafrans. We were republican in nature before the Whites stole the ideas from us. We are scattered across the 7 continents of the world due to the severe consequences of the brutality of Britain against our people. But where light doesn't exist, we bring light to that area because we have the intellectual capability to apprehend, and render help to people in distress in different parts of the world.

Amalgamation of the people of Biafra with other irreconcilable tribes in Nigeria, warranted the heavy immigration of Biafrans from their homeland to foreign lands in search of a suitable and sustainable standard of living.

In Biafra land, there is no constant distribution of power supply, no good functioning automobile road, there are moribund seaports and airports, no potable water supply, no good hospitals, schools, there's no employment. The citizens are harrased, molested and killed extrajudicially by the police and army personnel. The government clamp down on dissenting voices and the opposition using state security personnel.

The Nigerian government through its harsh policies contributed to the decay and dilapidated infrastructural projects in Biafraland such as oil refineries, Nkalagu cement industries, Aba textile industry, Premier Breweries, AVOP, and other similar infrastructures which has now gone moribund to patronize that of other regions providing an opportunity for other nationals to exploit our people economically, including Hausa/Fulanis.

The enormous corruption in politics has made it impossible for the process to be properly regulated. Elections are rigged and leaders are selected by the few cabals. The people are being ruled by the cabals who are there for own benefit and that of their cronies.

If we don't rise up to correct all these anomalies by joining hands to restore Biafra, then it may be too late when we realize the extent of damage it has brought to our people. Nigeria's amalgamation is over and a new era revolution for the Biafra nation is here.

The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
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One Nigeria: The Marriage is Over, a New Revolution Has Come!

Nigeria One Afro

Where Is The So-called "One Nigeria"? 

Ndigbo, Seriously consider this; How many NORTHERNERS own any Muti-Million properties in Enugu, Anambra or other parts of Southeastern States for instance? Not a single Northerner owns anything worth calling a property in the whole of the South-East States.

How Many YORUBAS will invest and own a Muti-Million property in the South-East? None. How many percentage (%) of YORUBAS own any valueble investments or properties in the South-East region? None.  

It is only the Igbo man that is nationalistic in Nigeria. Wherever he goes, he invests and converts it to his own home and moves in with his entire family, no other tribe does this. 

Quite a number of five star hotels, business empires and estates worth billions of Dollars (USD) are owned by the business men of Igbo extraction in just Lagos State. Now add Abuja and other states in the North and South to this list, you will realize the Igbos own the most valuable properties and investments in Nigeria.

Yet, who are the most Marginalised? Igbos. Who are the most oppressed? Igbos. Who are the 3rd (third) class Citizen's of Nigeria? Igbos. Who are the most patriotic? Igbos. Who are the most practical of the so-called "One-Nigeria"? Ndigbo. 

Even with all the intimidations the Igbos go through in Nigeria, even when their properties are been sezied/destroyed, even now the Igbos have been relegated to the bottom table of the affairs of Nigeria, Still on still, the Igbos continue to invest in the economic growth Nigeria. But for how long will Ndigbo continue to live as slaves? 

The only message I have for Ndigbo is very simple; Bring your investments back to Biafraland. We as a people have suffered enough in the bid to show our love and commitment to the "One-Nigeria" mantra. Yet, they continue to hate, fight and despise you. 

Ndigbo it's time to start thinking about ourselves, our future and Generations to Come. 

- Somto Okonkwo (FWP)



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