Peter Obi: Quite Interesting

By Joseph Joseph
19th October 2018

APGA was backed by His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu and Biafra dreamt of political platform, that was when Peter Obi was brought in to pilot the mandate. Voted into power by MASSOB but rigged out by Abuja; Biafran youths refused, they fought on the streets of Anambra until the mandate was restored.

Expected to build Biafran ideology; Obi was hijacked by the Caliphate, in his second tenure; he stood firmly and combated MASSOBians. Those youths that voted him were killed and tagged criminals; freedom fighters went down the grave until he left power.

However; the betrayal by Peter Obi did not end there, he abandoned APGA he could have held dearly and nurtured.





Peter Obi: Quite Interesting

Peter Obi Onlooking

APGA gave him everything he wanted and when it was time to give back; he left and that defines a Nigerian politician.

The truth is; a politician in Nigeria is only worried about his political gain or career and not any of you. They are not after our regional development or collective stability but their own comfort, profile and aspiration.

When Peter Obi was nominated; his nomination was for his uplift, gain, career and comfort. You shouting on the street have no stake; Peter Obi cannot feed you, he cannot guarantee a better future because the system controls him and the system is bad.

Peter has nothing to do with you but everything to do with his family and relations. What happened in Anambra is evident; no matter how you try, Nigeria cannot work for us because it is beyond repair.


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