President Muhammadu Buhari’s Physical Transformation

Buhari’s Body Transformation

From this                                           to that

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Physical Transformation

It is unbelievable that President Muhammadu Buhari made a huge recovery. It is amazing how Muhammadu Buhari’s body can transformed from this to that in under one year.

Buhari Images before his death 2

Charles Ogbu wrote:

Early last year, our President was so sick that he couldn't even recognize people around him nor his immediate environment. He was said to have suffered memory and brain problem, according to an exclusive report published by Sahara Report. The sickness was so severe that rumors of his death filled the air. Former British lawmaker, Eric Joyce, tweeted that the Nigerian leader had since died in the UK hospital. There was a very powerful web of secrecy surrounding his health issue. Some report has it that even his wife was denied access to him.

Months later, our President came back or so we were told.

Now, here is the American Wonder:

Despite spending numberless months at the hospital and having the disadvantage of old age, this President came back younger, fresher and and more energized than he went with different physical characteristics such as the size of the nose and ear.

Here is even the bigger American wonder:

The same old man who spent months in the hospital is now so strong that he NO LONGER GO FOR MEDICAL CHECK-UP. He is now as fit as a fiddle that he is even talking about contesting for a second term.

Dear God of Ogbu-Wachima, You know I don't like amebo so I am not in support of those who are saying that this President is not the original President from Daura but a duplicate from Sudan.

My only prayer point is this:

That miracle that made a frail old man who was extremely sick for monthS to suddenly become stronger, younger and fresher and even grow a different nose and ear and no longer need medical check-up and is even gearing up for a second term, the God of Emmanuel Nwodo Ogbu nwachima, please gift your boy, Charles Ogbu, with that kind of miracle in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen!!!!!