Reminding Us of One Nigeria All the Time is Nonsensical

Since I was born and now I am getting old Nigeria is still fighting for unity. Please children of God Almighty have you ever hear other country like Ghana shouting One Ghana, One American, One Togo, One England, One Croatian, One India etc.

But why is Nigeria always reminding us one Nigeria every morning, afternoon, evening, week, hours, seconds, etc., why?

Even some family in Benue that Fulani herdsman slaughtered their member are still shouting one Nigeria. What is difference between them and animal? 

Both Nigeria pastors, bishops, prophets etc use to shout one Nigeria even when their member are being bombed by boko harm and slaughtered by Fulani herdsman territories.




Reminding Us of One Nigeria All the Time is Nonsensical

One Nigeria is an Illusion

Calling a Nigeria a zoo is not hate speech because some Nigerians have animal mentality. Nigeria is pure zoo where monkey and booboo live because No reasonable man will see three and shout one.

I ask, is Nigeria one? The answer is capital No.

We are not against anybody all we want is Biafra and referendum to determine if we can stay in Nigeria or not. Thus, we stand on “no referendum date” no election in Biafra land.

May those that hate the truth be destroyed.

in Jesus name Amen.

Jonathan Ben


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