Some of My Ijaw Brothers Are Creating Enmities with Their Igbo Brothers

Most times you see some Ijaw brothers demanding that they should be removed from the map of Biafra. Some said no one consulted them, while some others simply detest the Igbo. 

The Biafra we seek is completely different from Nigeria. In Biafra we continuously say that no one will be forced into Biafra. And we mean everything of it. I think that is why IPOB maintain and stand on referendum. Both internal and external referendum. 

I did my NYSC in Bayelsa, the heart of Ijaw nation. During my stay, I queried one teacher on  Biafra question. I asked him if he supports Biafra. He told me he preferred Niger Delta. He told me about Isaac Boro and his revolution.

I also noticed that my students have this negative notion about the Igbo. Most of them have been fed with tons of lies and myths about the Igbo, such that most of them hardly freely relate to Igbo people. 

What must have caused this? I mean the bad blood. Igbo and Ijaw have never had histories of war. They lived together and traded together. My grandmother told me about their long distance trade expedition in the olden days. He told me about walking on foot to Oron and Igwenga. I think Oron is around Cross River, while Igwenga is in today's Rivers. Opobo to be precise. If these interactions happened, then why the misunderstanding? I think the civil war played a major part here. Many Ijaw families believed Biafra soldiers killed their people. That's exactly what Nigeria side made them understand.

During Biafra war, Nigeria government needed to break ranks between Igbo and their riverine brothers, so they staged a show to that effect. They used Biafra military uniform to attack villages in the riverine Biafra and also staged a rescue with military men wearing Nigeria military uniform. These became the game changer.

Biafra military isn't made of only Igbo people. They are made up of Igbo, Ijaw, Efik, Oron etc. Even the second in command was an Efik man, by name Philip Efiong. How then did Biafra soldiers attack their own? 



Some of My Ijaw Brothers Are Creating Enmities with Their Igbo Brothers

Biafra Map 4

Another thing to point out is that during the civil war of 1966/70, Biafrans have limited ammunition. According to Madiebo, it reached a time they had to use sports equipments to make sounds of gunshots as to keep the enemy off them, till they get supply or ambush the enemy to capture weapons. They most times forced their enemies into free for all dual. Such unequipped military can't waste their little ammunition on their fellow defenseless country men. I think it's time to kill this Nigeria propaganda. 

Yes, some were forced into becoming soldiers, but the truth is that it happened everywhere. 

It is certain that Nigeria offers us no alternative other than Biafra freedom. And we all need each other if we must free ourselves from Nigeria. This is the time to open up our eyes and see what Biafra offers us all. I believe that an Ogoni man needs freedom. He needs to be in charge of his natural resources and make decisions on how to rebuild Ogoni land. Biafra got you covered. Biafra cannot offer Ijaw man amnesty nor 13% derivation. It hands over your resources to you. It allows you govern your people and make your own laws. Something Nigeria can't give. Instead of fighting against Biafra, while not present how you want things to be in Biafra so that we can forge a common unity.

But the truth is, in as much as we advocate for Biafra, we can't force unwilling people into Biafra as not to have another Nigeria in Biafra. We should understand that the current division in Nigeria is a product of the caliphate. It was simply done to divide us all the more. South East and South South is a nonsense creation. That's because South South still houses lots of Ndi Igbo. So you have to understand that even if we must divide further, the division pattern can never go the way of the caliphate.

Every part of Biafra is richly blessed. Both humanly and naturally. The only enemy standing on the door of our progress is ONE NIGERIA.

Jettison all you were told and think about this.

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi


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