By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.
31st March 2019

It is no more news that at a time Fulani Herdsmen are moving with the courage of a Lion killing people in Nigeria, the Nigeria government ignore the killer herdsmen and decided to attack Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB who have done nothing wrong. In the last two weeks, Fulani herdsmen have killed people in Enugu state. They have murdered hundreds of people including women and children in southern Kaduna. Boko Haram members arrested and imprisoned by Goodluck Jonathan's administration have been released by President Buhari. Yet, same President Buhari's government is going after Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and peaceful IPOB members.

It may interest you to know that IPOB members are simply demanding for a referendum to determine where they truly belong. They have killed no one. They are only peacefully demonstrating and using civil disobedience. Yet, the Nigeria government is incessantly killing IPOB members and imprisoning them.

A country that wants to survive would have used certain policies to quell the IPOB demand for referendum. They would have looked into their demands. Stop the marginalization of the old Eastern Nigeria. Finish the second Niger bridge. Open up the Sea ports in South South and East and completely restructure the country as to enthrone equity and fairness.

But what did they do?

They arrested Nnamdi Kanu. Went ahead to assassinate him using the Nigeria soldiers when they took siege of his house. An incident that saw the killing of about 28 Biafran youths. They have murdered in cold blood many peaceful protesters and many still in prison without trials. The same government have started replacing judges in South Eastern states with Hausa-Fulani judges as to continue imprisoning IPOB members. The Fulani judge recently posted to Enugu showed his bias nature by first revoking bails given to IPOB members.

The recent move by Fulani  judge, Mrs Binta Nyako to revoke Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's bail without listening to the reasons why Nnamdi Kanu isn't in Court is very shameful. She went on to order for Nnamdi Kanu's arrest. This is funny, but also an insult to the Nigeria judicial system. It is already a fact that Nigeria government is a joke. That the electoral system is nonsense has become a theory, and what the judiciary has recently turned into has shown that Nigeria is destined to crash.

Just as HausaFulani are doing everything they can to activate the doomsday, the Yoruba people in Lagos have also started trumping up ethnic sentiments against the Igbo. They are asking Ndi Igbo to leave Lagos in a country they say that its unity is unnegotiable. Don't forget that sometime in 2017, the Arewa youths had also given Ndi Igbo QUIT NOTICE to vacate northern Nigeria.

Everything is gradually moving Nigeria to the lane of 1966/70. The sign that Nigeria is destined to crash is too visible and clear now. The doomsday is undoubtedly here with us. Those that continue to shout peace as machetes cuts deep into the brains of little babies in Kaduna should leave their hypocrisy and smell the coffee. The war you are asking people to stop drumming is already here. In four years, more than 2000 Nigerians have died not in the hands of Boko Haram terrorists, but in the hands of Fulani herdsmen and Nigeria Army.

Time to wake up is now. I see the future and it is not a palatable one. A day is coming when the people will rise up and match. Many are boiling already. A 16 year old boy just said he is ready to fight to keep Kanu alive and restore Biafra even if it will cost him his own life.

The international community should not wait to bring aids when the bombs start blowing. Referendum has brought peace in America and Europe. The people of Biafra needs same Peace that referendum can give.

We all can stop the impending disaster by doing the right thing.

Stop the judicial recklessness now.
Free Biafra Now.

Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba



Tales Of A Country Destined To Crash

Tales Of A Country Destined To Crash

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People aspire to be governors, senators, rep members or president in Nigeria. Nigeria runs a, unitary system whereby even the People of a constituency are not allowed to conduct elections themselves to elect their own leaders. A rampaging INEC; a tool of the president, is employed to conduct local elections to select local leaders. The usurpation of the Power of the People by Abuja pitches the locals against one another and render the local leaders useless to their constituents but loyal to the president. 

I don't ever want to be a Senator, Rep member or Governor under the 1999 Constitution. May the Almighty God not punish me with such afflictions. God forbid! 

All I ever want to be is a Premier; I'd love to be the Premier to my constituent nation or affiliated regions. I would rather be the Premier of Ala-Igbo Region or the Midwest & East combined regions. Where I would have exactly the same powers as the next member of the regional parliament. Even with zero federal allocation, I would derive more satisfaction not being teleguided from Abuja or by the caliphate. 

If I be a premier, I would better serve my people in dignified penury to take them to the promised land rather than be a president with all the trillions but enmeshed in national stupidity and international disgrace... 

If I be a premier, peeps; welcome aboard.

Baron Roy


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