Written by Okwunna Okongwu
27th October 2019

We must be grateful to God for using Jega, though without Jega's knowledge, for bringing about the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra (Our Supreme Leader, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, harped it steadily and ceaselessly that it was good for Buhari to be brought to the presidency, because the presidency of Buhari would give us Biafra).

When Jega conspired and connived with the Muslim Brotherhood called APC, at the auspices of Obama and Cameron, to throw Jonathan out, and bring in the late unrepentant barbarian, Islamic bigot, anarchical terrorist, and certificateless dullard of Daura, called Mohammadu Buhari, he thought he was doing the good old Joe evil.

Now, he can see clearly that he played a very significant and prominent role in the dissolution of the British inhumanity and graveyard called Cowgeria. Like Jega, all those who teamed up to facilitate the enthronement of the present anarchy and chaos that Nigeria has presently become, have one story of woe or the other to tell.

I think that the worst hit are the Yoruba, who the good FFK has just interpreted, or explained their name to mean shady, unreliable, unstable, wavering, inconsistent, fraudulent, deceitful, untrustworthy, and backstabbing.

Many people have opined that it was the name that the Fulani gave them that reflected in their character and attributes. But no. It is the careful observation of the Fulani, (though they are unthinking, except when it comes to practicing the perpetuation of falsehood and impunity which the satanic Britain taught them, in the name of holding on to power), that made them to arrive at that name.

Incidentally, the fraudulent and indecisive Yoruba has lived up to that name, given to them by the unthinking Fulani. Take the monster, the genocidist, and the war criminal, (who later committed suicide), Awolowo for instance. It was the poisonous bait of Nigeria presidency offered by the murderous Britain, through their Fulani proxy, that made him to jettison the excellent plan he had with Ojukwu, to declare the nation of Oduduwa, so that the evil Britain would not be fighting on two simultaneous fronts, through their Fulani proxy.

It was the shady, inconsistent, and backstabbing nature of the Yoruba, which was clearly manifested in the vacuous Awolowo, that made him not to stick to that arrangement. Had he stuck to the plan, the nationalities trapped in this fraudulently concocted contraption, this criminal enterprise, this British business centre, this British inhumanity, graveyard, and Centre for Experimentation in inhumanity and absurdities, called Cowgeria, would have been freed, over fifty years ago, and unprecedented giant strides would certainly have been made.

Again, take this fraudulent Oluwale Yoruba Lagos Ibadan expressway brown envelope gutter media, called Punch, for another instance. The evil nature of inconsistency and unreliability has been brought to the fore in the disposition and dissemination methodology of this bigoted Oluwale newspaper. Can't you recall with ease, how the Punch Newspapers has been at the forefront of fabricating, twisting, and distorting the news of the Biafra restoration project? The Yoruba can go any distance to ensure that what they consider as riding on the back of Biafra to prominence and economic sustenance does not cease.

Most importantly, it is the same poisonous bait that was offered to Afonja that made him cede Kwara state, which also made another Afonja called Awolowo, to join in the Biafra genocide, that is being presently offered to another Afonja of the present day, called Tinubu, in the form of the elusive carrot called 2023.

Who would have thought that the shadiness of the Afonja Tinubu, would have made him to work against himself to the point that at the death of Mohammadu Buhari in 2017, the empty promise of the presidency of Nigeria in 2023, was enough to keep him mute, instead of rising to vehemently strive for the ascendancy of Yemi Osinbajo, (which even stood a better chance of facilitating his (Tinubu's) occupation of Aso Rock, but he chose to  propagate the lie that the impostor, Jubril Aminu of Sudan, imported by Britain, and imposed on Nigeria, was the late Buhari. Today, Tinubu's life is under threat by the same tiger which he has been riding.

Are you still wondering why yours sincerely describe the Yoruba as chameleonic and ostrichistic? That's exactly what they are, as confirmed by their kinsman, the good old FFK.

Back to Jega and his gang of thieves. Who, among all the co-conspirators of Jega does not have one calamity or the other that has befallen, or is befalling him? The Kano INEC commissioner had himself and his family burnt to death.

Cameron (British PM) was disgraced out of office. Not only that Obama was disgraced out of office, he is still facing the consequences of selling off America to the Islamic terrorists of the Middle East, in one shady deal or the other.

Of course, the same terroristic Dems, who committed every form of atrocity in America, in conjunction with the vindictive Obama, are, in the name of trying to disrupt the great President Trump's excellent performance, smearing themselves in the mud, on daily basis.

The people of the so-called middle belt of Nigeria, who unrepentantly and avowedly supported the daylight robbery of Obama and Cameron, through their agent, Jega, and the Muslim Brotherhood called APC, have almost been completely driven out of their indigenous communities, and chased to the IDP Camps.

In their IDP Camps, they are almost feeding on their own excreta, since the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, who drove them there, have almost totally and completely abandoned them. Needless to remind you that their communities are presently occupied by imported Fulani, who have renamed most of their communities.

What of the so-called north east of Cowgeria (Nigeria)? How many of them are not under the terror of their Boko Haram, which they invented to make Jonathan's government ungovernable? Do you know the threat of extermination they are presently facing? I hope that no one has forgotten the sham, the charade, and the scam called Chibok girls.

Now, to the north west of Nigeria. You know the ordeals of Sanusi, the Emir of Kano. He is on the verge of being deposed and imprisoned. Don't forget the bogus claims he made, as the CBN governor, about the missing NNPC money, just to run Jonathan's government down, and clear the way for the present set of Islamic terrorists, to have a smooth sail to power.

Presently, the terminology, federal militia and bandits, has been introduced into the Nigerian lexicon. Do you know who they are ravaging? Of course, the north west of the evil forest called Nigeria. You are still wondering how a fraudulently concocted contraption and an anathema, called a country, can be under multi-faceted plague? Look at Nigeria very well.

Finally, and most importantly, it was the crime, which Attahiru Jega, the then INEC Chairman, allowed himself to be used to commit, in bringing in the certificateless dullard of Daura, the treasonable felon, the terroristic bigot, the Islamic extremist cum expansionist, and the highly tribalistic impunitous anarchist called Buhari, that has accelerated the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, to the point that the issue of Biafra restoration is occupying the top spot of discourse, in all the important diplomatic and governmental quarters of world.

We must one way or the other be grateful to Jega, because when he thought that he was doing us evil, he did not know that he was playing a prominent role in the fulfilment of this America's prediction, the shadows of which are presently chasing him.

If Jega decides to confess and apologize, good for him. If he decides to go about, deluding himself in obsessive hallucination, wishing vainly that his atrocities will one day disappear, like the praying mantis, the war criminal, the childless father, the arch genocidist, and the tormented, tortured, traumatized, ‘nightmarized’ moronic zombie, Gowon, good luck to him.

Biafra has come!

Written by Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media
Edited by Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For: Lagos State Media
Published by Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media


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