The Nigerian Passport...

By Bishops Edwin
6th January 2019

In my recent journey to Norway, I was singled out at the Oslo Lufthavn airport with some other White dudes and we were thoroughly searched and "researched".. The officer nearly asked that we should open our eyelid to see if we hid an AK47 in there. Norway doesn't Joke with security..

I looked around. There were some whites with me, passing through same humiliation. So it's not racial.. Our mathematical set was our GREEN passports.. So this I called "PASSPORTIAL" discrimination..

99% of Nigerians think the that the Nigerian passport's Green colour is derived from the country flag.. Nope!

Why not the white then..

The British passport is red.

American passport is blue. 

But the Nigerian passport and many other TERRORIST nations is Green.. That alone designates your problem at any airport of the world..

You are carrying a badge or tag.. CRIMINAL! 

Open your passports..

British passport reads, the bearer Mr Morrison Marths whose name and photograph appears on this passport, grant him/her any possible assistance. Allow him to move freely and grant him/her protection. Sign HRM, the Queen of England.. (herself).. 

The American passports carries an insignia, "you are free to travel the world".. 

But the Nigerian passport. Begins with a pathetic emotional outburst of, "to whom it may concern. The bearer is holding an immigration passport. Please grant him/her a return.." Azzin, ha chu ha chi gi from wherever you are..

And signed by one aimless immigration officer.

But on a serious note, the chosen passport colour may be religiously significant, such as in Muslim countries such as Morocco, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, where their passports are different shades of green. “Most Islamic states use green passports because of the importance of the colour in their religion, so while Christians were gallivanting on the altar and waiting for tithes.. Moslems already planned for politics of today and tomorrow.. 

According to Hrant Boghossian, the vice president of Arton Construction Group Inc., which runs the interactive Passport Index database, the shade of each national passport is derived from just four main colours: Red, Green, Blue or Black.

Green is believed to have been a favourite colour of the Prophet Mohammed, is “a symbol of Nature and life”, and is seen on the national flags of Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc..

The coolest and most beautiful passports of the world avoid GREEN.. E.g those of Norwegian, Scandinavian nations, Finnish, Slovenian, UK, Philippines etc..

Rarely any green passport has a free entry Visa and when they get, it's usually less than 6months.. Countries place a lot of restrictions on them..

The world's 25 most powerful passports

1) Germany - 176 countries can be visited without a visa

2) Sweden, 175

3) Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, United States, 174

8) Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom, 173

16) Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, 172

19) Canada, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, 171

23) Australia, South Korea, 170

25) Iceland, 169

As of February 2018, Nigerian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to only 46 countries and territories, ranking the Nigerian passport 91st in terms of travel freedom (tied with Republic of the Congo and Sudan passport) according to the Henley Passport Index.. And 4/5th of that 46 are African and Islamic Nations.. 

We got ourselves into most of these problems by looking down on the evil propensity of northern Nigerians which is powered by Islam..  Ife N'eme Si Anyi N'aka..

 A lot of our problems are deep routed. Started long before we woke up and can't be solved by #only PVC vs APC.. 

Thank God the Biafran passport is black, blue or red and NEVER black.

Support Biafra freedom 

Support Biafra Referendum



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